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    Default deteriorated stucco / building paper


    I have a house that was built in 1973 and resides in southern california. It has a typical stucco finish on the exterior walls.
    The builder used only one layer of building paper underneath the
    chicken wire and stucco layers for waterproofing. I guess this was the standard in 1974. I just removed the drywall and insulation in my bedroom and found the the bulding paper in front of the stucco is badly deteriorated. It is exposing a large area of stucco towards the bottom of the wall.

    How can i repair the damaged layer of bulding paper? Is there any good way to repair without removing the bottom area of stucco?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Wink Re: deteriorated stucco / building paper

    why not 1"polystyrene foam board?kind of my prob. too and i live in the bald prairie of canada
    but then can i put in batt insulation and then 6 mil. poly and not worry about moisture getting trapped because polystyrene isnt breathable unless you shingle-nail it on which may defeat the purpose of trying to ward off outside elements?!?

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