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    Question no grass in clay

    my yard is mainly hard clay and i cant get grass to grow in it. What can i use to get good grass to grow I really cant afford to get alot of topsoil any suggestions will help.
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    Default Re: no grass in clay

    Compost if you can afford it, if not look for horse stables or other livestock operations and get manure, which is usually all you can haul for free. The farms I've gone to would also load it.

    I would rototill the area as deep as you can.. Apply the compost or manure 3" to 6" deep over the area and till it in as deep as you can. This will get you a decent growing medium to support grass. If you really want to improve the soil, go for a second 3" to 6" layer of organic material and till that in before planting grass or laying sod.
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