Ok, Im having trouble with this one as someone before me tried to run new wires. In theory, I have a switch/outlet combo on the wall. The single outlet is supposed to be "hot" all the time and the switch is meant to operate the garbage disposal. However, the disposal and the dishwasher run off an outlet under the sink. The bottom of that outlet (lower half) is supposed to be "hot" all the time for the dishwasher, but the upper (top half) is to only have power when the switch is thrown. The repair that was attempted before I came onto the scene has left the switch working the outlet part of the combo and not sending any power what so ever to the outlet under the sink. The new wires that have been run are a green and 2 reds and are not connected to anything. I can run more wiring (the traditional black and white) but Im stumped as to how I need to wire up the switch/outlet combo.