Well I took on replacing the water heater when the old one started leaking, Got it all back in and have good water pressure at the bath tub and basement utility sink but the hot water only barely comes out of the bathroom sink. Can't check the kitchen sink since I am still working on it had to replace one of the shut offs there because I could not turn off the hot water side and thought that replacing both at kitchen sink while had the water shut off to the old house. Still have to get the kitchen sink going but I put in 1/4 turn shutoff valves and they had shutoffs with compression fitting on old shut offs one piece and with the new 1/4 turn ones it is a little more involved in getting them connected.

Anyway my bathroom sink has little pressure on the hot water side after replacing the hot water heater and it is all galvanized pipe.

Any ideas why the water barely comes out on the hot side? Is there an easy way to check the pipes for a clog hate to have to tear open the wall behind the sink to get access to the pipe though some is open in the basement just not sure why only there it is low when the water line also feeds the bathroom tub and ends at the bsmt utility sink? The lines T off the bathroom sink and supply the tub through the wall. The cold works fine just the hot?

Any information would be welcome as to what I can do to correct this???