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    I want to mount a large mirror that is glued on 3/4" plywood (6' x 8') to the baseboard of the wall. Are there available 3" metal troughs (to hold the frame) with an attached metal piece below through which one can screw into the baseboard? The depth of the plywood plus molding in 1 1/2". I do not have technical knowledge in this area, excuse my lack of correct terminology.
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    I don't know of anything specifically for what you're doing but you might want to go to the lumber yard and look at some framing clips. They have a bunch of different shapes and sizes. You might find one that will work with a little modification with a hacksaw. That's where I'd start, anyway.

    Good Luck.

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    I think as you say that you haven't any kind of technical knowledge so it's lot better to hire a person who have enough knowledge about how to fix it. If you have made any kind of mistake then the mirror would not be used another time it's also possible that it would be break. In that case you have to take another glass so instead of doing it by your self hiring a person is nice thinking

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