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    Default Squealing Shower

    I'm having a problem with my bath and shower faucet. Whenever I pull the plunger on my faucet to switch to shower mode, I get a loud squealing noise from the faucet itself. Sometimes when I play with the plunger a bit I can make the sound go away but is is extremely obnoxious. Any help?

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    Default Re: Squealing Shower

    Sounds as though the diverter is the cause of the noise. Replacing this diverter should take care of the issue.
    Depending on which type of spout/diverter you have .... either simply unscrewing the spout or another type has a set screw on the underside needs to be removed.

    Before installing the new spout/diverter clean the copper pipe with some emery cloth to make it nice and shinny to help the O ring seal better.
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