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    I need some advice, I have an existing 3 zone baseboard system, gas fed....1 zone is not working, thermostat is ok. When I open the gate valve below the control valve to bleed the system I get nothing....very little hot water came out then nothing...I thought this was a bleed valve for this zone....I don't think there is any blockage in the zone...why won't the water just flow through this zone??? the intake cold water valve is open , pressure is good and the other 2 zones work just fine...I even took the control part off the valve and manually put the valve in its open position...still no flow...any suggestions???? thanks, stewart

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    Could you provide the make & model of the zone valve.

    Leave the manual switch open to see if you get any heat at all thru the zone.

    Check closely for any loose wires on the valve (the wiring should be the same as the other 2 valves)---also check to make sure that each copper wire on the ZV wiring connections is not touching and adjacent screw terminal---use a thin piece of wood or plastic to move it away if it is.

    Also check with your nose close up to the valve for any burning smells, discoloration of the valve housing, or overheating of the valve body (the section that holds the electronics)---use a strong light to see better.

    Close the manual switch on the valve temporarily & make sure the room t-stat for this zone is "calling for heat" (set to 80 or 90 degrees).

    If you have access to the t-stat wires for the down zone behind the wall (usually red & white) temporarily short them to see if this brings on the circ & restores function.
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