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    Question wood composite furniture

    I know that the show is This Old House, but what about a concern for many of us in these new houses?

    I bought a desk made of wood and wood composite. One of the corners was crushed when I unpacked it. Given the time and effort it would take to return it, is there something I can do to fix it myself?

    Thank you!

    Rica, Seattle

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    Default Re: wood composite furniture

    Hey Rica,
    I guess it depends on two things... how bad is it damaged and how crafty you are? If you ordered it on-line, you can contact the company and they may send you a replacement since it was damaged in shipping?!? If you picked it up at Target or somewhere, then you'd have to take it back.
    If the damage is small, place a damp wash cloth over the crushed section and run an iron over it. The steam may cause the wood to expand slightly. This will only work if the damage in minimal.
    If the damage is severe, you could cut a section out of each corner (giving the desk top chamfered corners). Since the top is probably veneered particle board, you'll have to get some veneer edge banding (at local woodworking store) to cover the particle board.
    Another option is buy another top for it?!? Use a piece of 3/4" cabinet grade plywood, cut it to size, then paint or stain it to match the rest of the desk. If you can find bamboo plywood, the edges look cool and there's no need to treat them!
    It all depends on the time you are willing to invest?!?!
    Good Luck!

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    Default Re: wood composite furniture

    Thanks Tim!

    The damage isn't severe but definitely visible. One of the corners got mashed in, but it's at the bottom where the veneer got torn off.

    I did actually pick it up from Target. And when weighing the effort of disassembling the desk, carrying it to and from car, and driving it back OR goofing around with it, goofing around with it sounds more fun.

    I'm only minimally crafty, and most of my experience has been working with wood. But the steaming idea is interesting enough just to try. I was hoping that I could inject the corner with something to make the corner stronger again, but getting it to expand and then covering it with the edge banding just may work. I'll try it!

    Thanks again!

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