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    Where can I purchase a window tray or window pan that was used on a "This Old House" episode I saw recently. The episode was involved building a cupola with a copper roof and using a crane to lift the cupola on the house. The window tray I saw was a two piece clear product that you calk in the window opening prior to installing the window. Where can I buy this clear window tray? On the show the contractor (I don't know his name) with the gray hair and mustach was demonstrating how to install it. I am a builder and this product appears much better than what I have been using. Thanks

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    That plastic flashing seemed kind of thin - looked like the clear plastic stuff they use for packaging - and I wondered how it would stand up to 50 years of thermal expansion and contraction. I have seen a similar window pan flashing product used, but it was made from a thicker black rubber/vinyl, I think this is it here -

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    They used the (Huber) Advantec Zip system (membrane tape for window pans) I believe because I don't recall seeing a rainwall on that wall; and

    the "proprietary" (I recall they only said that Bensonwood "prefers to use this proprietary window pan" or something to that effect, they didn't identify it further) two piece clear window pan/backdam was a (Dow) WEATHERMATE (TM) Sill Pan.

    This is of course if you're referring to This Old House episode 2808 Weston Project where Tom and Kevin were back at the Bensonwood factory and Tom was demonstrating how to weatherstrip and install an Andersen Window in one of the SIP wall panels back at the factory. The Clear two piece window pan/backdam that Tom installed on a bead of caulk overtop of the membrane pan "flashing" was the Dow Weathermate Sill Pan.

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