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    Hi, we are in the process of renovating our basement. The guy who started it before we bought the place had very little or no idea on how to do thing. He didnít allow for the stud work to go in, in any of the rooms and we have had problems with having to relocate power points and such wiring. I have overcome most things but now I am in the laundry room and I am a little stuck. The two faucets for the washing machine are fixed to the cement wall so after putting in the stud work they will need to be brought out to align with the sheetrock finish. Also there are two power points, one for the washer and the other for the dryer. These are also fixed to the cement and will have to be brought out but they are incased in metal tubing. I would like to know if there is an easy way of overcoming this and if so how.

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    As for the electrical wiring, there are probably screws inside the boxes anchoring it to the concrete. After removing these screws, you can simply bend the conduit (try not to kink it) and fasten the boxes to the studs.

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