hello, hoping someone can give me a little advice..

new home (yah!), completely outdated ..found beautiful oak floors under carpet!

decided to refinish on our own. rented necessary sanders.. came out very nicely done. now going with dark stain, but after first coat, (just) the edges are much darker than the rest of the floor (?)

tried over, resanded.. still same thing.

i had originally thought perhaps the edges weren't sand as much or sanded more than the rest, but after the second sanding we know this is not the case.

i also have a suspicion perhaps the edges weren't cleaned as well as the rest.. possibly. but would that cause such a difference in stain color?

regardless.. is there any way to fix it?? i'm trying to avoid resanding (again).. not sure the floors will take much more. and i don't want to go into giving the whole floor another coat of stain and have it make the edges even darker. ugh

so is there an easier way than simply filling in lighter areas with more stain? is that even a good idea to do so? i don't want it to come out any splotchier.

please, please help ..thanks in advance

[stain used: Varathane, Espresso (oil based)]