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    Default Repairing Textured Plaster - NOT replacing it

    I have textured plaster walls in the original part of my 1950s home, and I'm not at all interested in "unsurfacing" them - I really love the look, and have even used painting techniques on some of the walls to draw attention to the texture. However, previous owners have made some changes/"repairs" around the fireplace and in a couple other areas, and the non-matching work is an eyesore. I'd also be interested in resurfacing the new (and boring flat drywall!) wall in the newer part of my home. I can't find information on recreating this particular texture and am hoping someone can help. Yellow wall is undamaged, white is damaged. I swear it's a prettier color in real life! Thank you!
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    Default Re: Repairing Textured Plaster - NOT replacing it

    The texture was most likly applied with a WHISK broom or SPATTER brush.
    They would have made a mixture of lime and guaging plaster to a consistency of very, very heavy cream and applied with the broom or brush and than very, very lightly troweled with a finish trowel. If you can get the little flat areas with the broom the trowel will not be required.Check with a drywall tool sales and see if they have a STIPPLING brush this is round and used to stipple drywall compound it will work with plaster finish.
    Also check PRO-TOOLS they have a double headed stipple brush.
    I would make samples on a scrap piece of drywall using joint compound when you get the pattern Switch to a veneer plaster mix and add water until it has the consistency of the joint compound and start on the wall area.

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