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    Default Wood on Wood Drawer Improvement

    My 82-year old aunt has wood-on-wood drawers in her kitchen, which, even with waxing and the like, are becoming increasingly difficult for her to open.

    Given that they are real wood, cherry, and thus it does not make sense to replace them, is there a way to simply change the mechanism of the drawer?

    Are there kits that would allow you to do this fairly easily, or would this need to be a custom job?

    Many thanks!

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    yes home depote and lowes have some nice devices that are easy to install and in some cases help you open the drawer. they look like flat bars with roller on the inside edge. the same technogly is used in dishwashers and newer office desks hope this helps

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    Default Re: Wood on Wood Drawer Improvement

    The flat piece of metal and the roller will work but if you have a half inch of clearance on each side of the drawer and the cabinet, you could install tracks with rollers on the sides. They'll work much better but it'll take a little carpentry if you don't have exactly 1/2" clearance on each side.

    Good Luck.

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