Hi. We have a house that was built in the 1960's. We found out shortly after we moved in, that the house had stood vacant (without windows and doors) for several years. The people that flipped the house did many things haphazardly. For example, we found out when our first winter in our new house rolled around, that they didn't insulate the kitchen floor, which is a pergo type floor, right above a crawl space. We were stuck in our living room all winter with the rest of the house blocked off. This fall, we decided that the floor definitely needed to live in the rest of our house this winter, so we began insulation. Now, our crawlspace is only about a foot and a half high, not even that in some areas, so encapsulation was not an option. My husband bravely scooted and squeezed his way through the crawlspace to insulate it. Not long after this, a horrible, gritty smell, one that you could taste and feel in the back of your throat, came into our house. We have an 18 month old, so we knew we needed to do something right away. We did some research, and many people recommended and ozone generator. We bought a small one and treated our house, while we stayed elsewhere. After airing it out for 2 hours (as recommended) the house still smelled terrible, only now, like ozone. 3 weeks later, it still smells terrible, so we bought some stuff called DepHyze. It's going on 4 weeks now that we have been out of our house, and it still doesn't seem safe to take our baby home. Any suggestions for a family on a major budget?