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    Default adding an island to a kitchen

    our kitchen is 12 x 12 with L-shaped cabinetry. there are 2 entries into the kitchen that are at each end of the cabinetry. (hope that makes sense). After subtracting the 24 ins around for the cabinets, I have approx. 10 x 10 of open space for an island. I have a cabinet that is 36in x 24in and would like to put a 42in by 37.25in top on it for work area and a couple of stools on the 12in overhang. Your opinions would be appreciated if this is feasable or would look right.
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    Default Re: adding an island to a kitchen

    Sounds like it should work with the space. You may want to consider getting some cardboard boxes or even plywood and making an island and see how working around it is before going through the expense of putting in an island and buying the counter top.


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