I just posted this message under the heating section and came to check out this area and thought may be this is where I should post this question.

We live in MA so winters are long and cold. Our master bedroom is above the garage and it is so cold in there that we do not use this room for the whole winter which is about 6 to 8 months a year. My husband I move out to a smaller room/office. The house was built in 1938 so for heating we have radiators. There is one in there which works fine but it is so cold that the heat does not last long. Also, the thermostat is in the dinning room down stairs so it could be warm 70 degree down stairs but it would be 50 degree in this room. I would like to use this room as our pemanent bed room but not sure what can we do about this.

Also, my elderly mother lives with us and I would also like to heat her room. It is not as cold but for her it is cold. She keeps her room closed most of the time to keep the room warm. we tried the space heaters but were not worth it. They did not heat the room enough. We are thinking to put elecric baseboard heaters in her room. Would this work? What kind should I be looking for?

By the way I love to watch your shows.