I recently renovated a bathroom. The old bathroom had carpet which was in poor shape, and the decor was all moon and stars (everything, including the wallpaper!) with lots of **** color. It definately needed a change. We don't have the funds at the moment to do a full-on remodel so we needed to keep the major items like tub, toilet and vanity the same.

We stripped the wallpaper, then painted with a color that would match the tub and toilet. We had picked out a color from the local home center, then learned that my grandmother had a gallon of paint left from a project she had done. It turned out to be the exact color and shade we had picked out! So we got free blue paint. We still needed to buy primer and white, but every little bit helps. We added a new curved shower curtain rod and got the shower curtain for free because my girlfriend was moving in at the same time, so we used hers. It actually matches the design perfectly. We took up the carpet and laid down vinyl tile. We painted the doors,vanity, trim and a storage cabinet white and added new hardware to the vanity and cabinet. We also added a new light above the mirror, and the mirror was also painted white. I put down wood transition strips for the carpet to tile transition. Other small details added include new nikel door hinges to replace the old brass ones, new chrome door knobs, new vent in the floor. The decorations were free from either my girlfirend or other places in the house.

The cost of the entire project was $310. Being that this was done around my birthday, I got some help with the cost so the final cost to me was less than $200. The bathroom looks COMPLETELY different and looks great now. It looks like a bathroom you'd find in a hotel. I'm very happy with the results and I can't believe the difference for only 300 bucks. I've included some before and after pics. I should note the bathroom is only 5' x 11' including the tub. It's hard to photograph the entire thing. Opinions are welcome.