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    Default Gas boiler and tankless water heater

    A friend of mine has a gas boiler that creates their hot water. The water, however is 175 degrees. Is there any way to turn this down? They have a small child and do not want it to get scalded.

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    Default Re: Gas boiler and tankless water heater

    I assume you're talking about a hot water line that is connected to the boiler and supplies the kitchen and batroom taps with hot water (domestic hot water supply).

    There is usually a "tempering valve" that mixes some cold water with the water heated by the boiler---this is adjustable down to lukewarm, if needed.

    There's usually a valve with a knob somewhere in the cellar near the boiler---popular brand names (that may be stamped on the valve) are Watts, Sparco-Honeywell, Combraco and Generalaire.

    Some of the newer boilers have a tempering control somewhere on the boiler.

    If one doesn't exist, it should be installed, especially for the bath/shower/vanity taps.
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