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    Default fence gate in a gate

    There is 12 feet between the house and the garage, abutting the driveway. We would like to fence the yard to contain our small dog. We need a wide gate here so at times we can drive a vehicle into the back yard (due to strict on-street parking rules in our community.) Since this space is the only way to access our back yard, and since we would keep the large gate closed most of the time, we would need a person gate, about 3 feet wide, to access the yard. Suggestions?
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    Default Re: fence gate in a gate

    Build your man gate any size you want. Fill the rest of the space with the larger gate. On the operable end of the larger gate, install a gate drop rod like this:

    The man gate will get the normal latch, the catch will mount on the larger gate.

    You don't have to use a metal framework like what is pictured, you can wood frame it easily enough. I would recommend that a caster wheel be installed on the larger gate to carry the weight because a post alone will have a tough time of it. Also, when you install the drop rod, it would be a good idea to pour a concrete footing 6" to 8" square for it to drop into. This will keep the gate stable and well supported.
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    Default Re: fence gate in a gate

    Spruce has the right idea. Put in a 4 ft and an 8 ft gate.
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