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    Default Staining and Sealing New Redwood

    I have a new portch of heartwood redwood. Are staining and sealing two different things or can both be done with one material?

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    Default Re: Staining and Sealing New Redwood

    There are some products that do the same thing.

    Thompson's has a few that are tinted.

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    Default Re: Staining and Sealing New Redwood

    When I seal wood that's around our deck, I end up doing it about every year and I use a Spar varnish. It's specially formulated to resist UV rays. It's a little thicker than sealers, like Thompson's which goes on like water.

    I've used Thompson's and wasn't thrilled due to its viscosity. It'll still be a yearly task if you want to keep up with it.

    Good Luck.

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