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    Currently I have a Weil McClain **** Boiler with Carlin Burner tankless which supplies heat and hot water to my home. My question is....should I continue to use my current system or would it be more efficient to get a seperate electric water heater so that I don't have to use as much oil. Which option would be more efficient and less costly.



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    It would be a big mistake to get an electric heater unless your elec. rate is 3 cents/kwh (it's usually closer to .15 in most areas).

    The domestic hot water component in such a boiler is not the culprit---this is especially true in cold weather, where the boiler water has to stay hot anyway to heat the house.

    Depending on your family size, nearly everyone who owns a hot water boiler buys an INDIRECT HOT WATER HEATER.

    These units use no fuel & have no flame or flue to burn fuel---they are essentially heat exchangers that use a coil to pump hot boiler water thru to a 30 gal. tank to have plenty of hot water--this is much better than the gallon or two you can get from the boiler coil you have now, before the water turns lukewarm, then cold.

    Google "indirect hot water heaters" for more info.

    You can cut down on oil consumption by beefing up insulation in exterior walls & attics,eliminating all drafty & old windows, treating your boiler to an annual cleaning and FLAME ADJUSTMENT WITH A COMBUSTION ANALYZER, downsizing the nozzle one size if the boiler is too big for the size of the house to be heated, replacing the boiler if it is over 25 years old.

    What's the rated btu output stamped on the boiler & how many square feet is the house & what is your general location??

    Oil prices are dropping like a stone---that should make you feel a little better, no???
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