i have a two family home built in 1914; as the family grew, we separated the 2nd floor from the 3rd, leaving a 1 br 3rd floor apartment and adding 3 bedrooms to our 1st and second section. stairs, electric, and water were separated for each unit, the forced hot water heating never was. the second floor bedrooms are heated by the unit that heats the 3rd floor unit. one second floor br has the original 3 ft tall radiator and can reach 79 degrees when the thermostat (situated in the 3rd floor kitchen) is set at 68 degrees! hard to sleep in a too hot room!
i have turned the valve at the base of the radiator clockwise to the stop, about one full turn, but it seems to have no effect on the flow of hot water thru the unit. are radiators arranged in 'series' and the valves never completely stop the flow or is the valve broken?
thanks to anyone who knows!
jim in brookline