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    Default Old pop-up stopper technology

    I have a 1950s sink with an old technology in the pop-up stopper. The trip is a rotates rather than lifts. The pin fits into a cylinder with a cut out for the pin. (I've attached a PDF with a mock-up of the cylindar/pin system.)

    The pin does not lift the cylinder anymore. It seems that the pin is not moving vertically as much as it should. There is no way to replace the stopper with the current technology without replacing the entire sink.

    Any suggestions on fixing this…rather than purchasing a new sink?

    Many thanks.
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    Default Re: Old pop-up stopper technology

    It's just a guess, but it may be that a grove has been worn in the pin cutting its diameter or the slot is worn. Not seeing the actual parts makes it hard to guess if new parts can be fabricated.
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    Default Re: Old pop-up stopper technology

    As Jack said, it's hard to guess without seeing it more closely. Can you take a picture of the pop-up, lever, and if possible, where the lever screws into the back of the drain neck?

    Without seeing it, my guess is that either the pop-up notch is worn, the lever is worn, or the two are not properly engaged. For instance, if the pop-up hole is off center (front-wise, more than backward ), it is possible that whomever disassembled the pop-up for cleaning/maintenance didn't reassemble it correctly, resulting in a shorter throw, pop-up not engaged, etc.
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