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    Default baseboard heating noise

    Just recently, living in the NEast, our baseboard heating is emmitting a 'gurgling' noise as we have recently begun heating our house this winter. You can hear the water running through the pipes. It sound like the pipes are half full or being filed... I'm unsure why this has begun, it is new to us.

    What are the remedies? Can this be done by a home owner?

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    Default Re: baseboard heating noise

    It sounds like you have air in the baseboard heater. On end of the unit should have an access door and inside should be a bleeder valve that you can open until you get water comming out.
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    Default Re: baseboard heating noise

    I'm not a professional but I did have the same problem. It can be caused by two things, air in the line or not enough water. The air issues sometimes can be solved just by opening (leave unscrewed 1 turn) the little plastic screw atop the air vent which is usually screwed to the top of an air scoop in the supply line close to the boiler. Or flush the whole system until the water flows smooth. Also check the water pressure on the boiler. Often the lower the pressure the more noise, just adding water to the system will quite the pipes. 17 - 22 lbs should be fine, 30 lbs will open the PRV. That would not be good. If the pressure is low check for leaks in the system.

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