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    Default Being blonde and trying to build a house

    Hi Fellow Builders,

    I am a 58 yr. old woman. I have a piece of property I have had for 26 years. I have been involved with homebuilding in the past. No doing the work, but being the Owner/Builder. My problem is now I live in a new state (New Mexico) and I am not familiar with any of the Contractors and their background in this state. It's been soo long since I was involved in building I'm not even sure what the cost per foot to build is anymore? At this time I'm looking at a S.I.P.'s home with other money saving fratures. How can I find out the cost to build per square foot in this Southwest part of the Southwest? I'm afarid of being taken advantage of.

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    Default Re: Being blonde and trying to build a house

    your best bet is to contact your local homebuilders association. the memebers are usually the best builders in teh region using only licensed trades and reputable suppliers, in the southern states along with california its a little too easy to find fly by nighters and border jumpers who will do shoddy work then take your money and run which leaves you with no warrenty. this is where the homebuilders really shine
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