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    Default vintage j.a. henckel tool kit help

    I was gifted an old tool-kit that I know little about. I spoke with someone who directed me to contact This Old House. It seems to have been manufactured by J.A. Henckels. It has the 'premium' product line emblem on each piece, and as well, 'Zwilliingswerk' is on a number of the pieces. It seems to be some sort of toolkit that a woodworker might carry. It has the handle, which accepts all of the pieces, a expanding meter-stick, chisel, plier/wire cutter, adjustable wrench, wood saw (and sheath with centimeter marks), flathead screwdriver, smooth edge knife (and sheath), file, flat chisel, scratch awl, small drillbit, and large drillbit. It seems to be missing another small tool, maybe another drillbit.

    A number of the tools seem to have no wear whatsoever, and are in near perfect condition. They all seem to be chromed. Some have no wear, but are slightly rusted. No one tool seems to have seen significant use. The wooden handle, however, is cracked, and still functions fine.

    The leather is dry, and the male half of the snap rivets have ripped out of the leather case.

    I would like to know a few things about this kit. When was it made? What is it called? How much is it worth (I would give it a 6/10 condition)?

    I am interested in selling it to someone who could appreciate it more than I.

    Thank you for any an all information.

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