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    Cool Hot/Cold 3rd Floor

    In 2000 we had our builder build-out the 3rd floor as a bedroom before we moved in. Unfortunately, the buildier did not insulate the roof or size the A/C, Heat Unit to the 3rd floor. Is there anyway to add insulation to the roof without removing the finished drywall or preventing proper air flow through the roof? Thanks. Alan

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    Default Re: Hot/Cold 3rd Floor

    Hmmm --- usually the building inspectors would have cited the builder on those issues during the inspection process , before the walls and ceilings were closed in.

    Unfortunately and after the fact there's no way of correcting the issues without some sort of destruction --- whether the insulation is addressed from the interior or the exterior.
    If the issue is only the ceiling has lack of insulation then adding rigid foam the existing ceiling , covered with a layer of drywall might be the least intrusive and expensive route to consider. Otherwise you could add rigid foam to the exterior portion of the roof and have that covered over with decking and new shingles.

    The HVAC is a whole different story.
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