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    We recently replaced our gas water heater because the pilot light kept going out - and it was 13 years old. The same problem is happening with the new water heater. I've had the professional plumber that installed it as well as our local gas supplier out to investigate. Although, the gas pressure into the home is fine and the overflow hose is not clogged, neither individual can find a solution. Please send me your suggestions.

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    You have an excellent chance of solving this problem if you go to the site below and click onto "solve a problem"; then click onto "tanklets"; then onto "gas water heater issues".

    Then read about all the things to check with your gas valve.
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    I recently went through this same problem with a customer. I put in a new heater and the pilot kept going out. I replaced the thermocouple. Still the pilot went out.
    Call the manufactuer rep out and he found nothing wrong. I finally bit the bullet and put in a new heater to satisfy the customer. Guess what pilot went out. I was at my wits end. I was there chaecking things out. The home owner had put in an exhaust fan (for working on small engines) and was running it with out opening the overhead door. The water heater was the quickest way to get air for the fan back drafting through the flew.

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    My house, built 5 years ago, has a vent to the outside in the upper part of the wall. This is to provide "combustion air" for the gas water heater & furnace. You might consider doing the same.
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