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    Default Kerdi Water Membrane

    Hi - I installed a the Schluter Kerdi wall membrane around my tub surround area and after it dried a few days, I noticed that I have an air pocket about 1 inch wide and 4 inches long. Does anyone know if I should open this up with an razor blade and then use thin set to seal it and then cover with another layer of Kerdi membrane on top?

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    Default Re: Kerdi Water Membrane

    If the tile you're using is fairly large, I'd be tempted to leave it; but if you have to fix it, that's the way. Or use kerdi tape; I think it's a little thinner than the sheets. You may also be able to slit it and use the kerdi-fix (sealant) under and over the slit and forgo the thinset, but I'm not certain.
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