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    My wife and I just bought our first house about 8 months ago. It is a Victorian that was built between 1898 and 1907, that is what some of the neighbors and the inspector told us. I have done quite a bit to the house already; complete remodel bathroom, updated some of the wiring, all knob and tube, ripped out trees etc. My wife says this is a perfect house to have on This Old House. I am now looking at doing the attic. There is a HUGE space up there, about 15'wx25-35'lx8-9'h, that is just going to waste. There is an old roof shingles and all that looks like it could come out that is just there. It looks like there was an addition put on and they just continued the roof line without removing roof that would be covered by the new roof could it be load bearing, I will try to post pics soon. I was wondering how much it is roughly to convert this space into a room of some sort? I am sure there is someone on here who has done this type of conversion.

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    theres a few thing to consider with this sort of project

    #1 attics are supposed to be a cold space, meaning unconditioned so that its attempted to keep it the same temperature as outside

    #2 making sure you have the correct headroom if you intend to use it for added living space

    #3 getting electrical and heating up there if inteded for living space
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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    #4 getting a stairway fitted in someplace on the first floor

    #5 making sure the first floor walls and foundation can support the weight of the remodel

    #6 Increase in the size of the living space will put extra demand on the HVAC system

    Where is your house? What style of construction? What is it made from (siding, framing..)?

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