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    Default Insurance claims and remedial work

    Anyone know how Insurance companies (State Farm) handle claims that involve remedial work?

    My wife and I have consistent ice and water problems in and around the eaves of The Money Pit. The siding, flashing and aluminum wrap on all of the fascia is incorrect. With 40 years of soak/dry cycles the exterior Celotex fiber sheathing is mush. I replaced one exterior wall down to the mudsill during my kitchen renovation.

    We have never made a claim in the past because our $1000 deductible was a little to high. After cutting down the drywall ceiling for the 3rd time in 5 years , I am ready to make one now. It's pointless though if we don't address the underlying issue.




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    Default Re: Insurance claims and remedial work

    Howdy, read your insurance policy,contract, about the exclusions- whats not covered. Without any more infor you do not have any covered damages so do not make a claim.
    Poor workmanship, and damages that are not a sudden an accidental one time happening aren't covered by any insurance that i am aware of. So if the materials an or installation an or maintenance etc is the cause of damages- then no coverage to correct the issues. Moreover, be careful making claims that are not involving allot of money as getting canceled for a claims history is all to real of possibility.

    So next is to be sure your attic has ample air movement and venting, under venting and too little insulation causes ice dambing. Turn off any humidifier and if baths do not have exhaust fans install them and run them 15 minutes after bathing. If crawl space cover dirt with plastic. The key is air movement & reducing the water moisture in the house.

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