My old house has an old door. The original entry knob had a very long 'slidey thingie' (don't know what it's called). When we first moved in, I replaced the knob because I had no idea who may have been given a key, but I had one heck of a time finding a new slidey thingie because so few houses still used them. Found one, popped in the new knob and all was well for two years.
Hubby was on his way out the door and went to lock it, but it was froze up. I played with it when I got home, but it's definitely toast. I went back to the store I had bought it from, but they no longer carry the long slidey thingie.
Rather than continuing to replace this antiquated thing again, I have filled in the old hole with a block of wood, and am preparing to use the same knob, but replace the long slidey thingie with a standard one (cheaper than replacing entire set).
My problem is I no longer have the template to cut the hole, so I don't know quite where to put it. I'd like to use the same horizontal hole and just cut a new 2" hole for the knob. How far back do I center the new hole from the edge of the door?