I have an insulation problem in walls between the heated living space and an unheated attic. The Kraft paper on R-11 or R-13 fiberglass batts was stapled to the attic side of the studs with the fiberglass on the attic side and a 3-1/2 inch air space between the drywall and the Kraft side of the insulation. The fiberglass side of the insulation is not covered. Cold air from the attic can get into the gap between the studs. A contractor proposes to blow cellulose into the gap. However, that will leave the vapor barrier sandwiched in the middle of the insulation. (This house is in eastern Maryland where builders disagree over putting the vapor barrier on the inside for winter or on the outside for the hot humid summers.) Another contractor proposes putting house wrap over the fiberglass. I don't think that will stop the air leak into the gap. I would appreciate advice.