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    I wasn't able to prune my apple tree last year. Is it too late to do it now, in the spring. It is a drawf apple. Last year it was so loaded with apples that it hung to the ground and bent the trunk. Because of that, the apples were abundant, but small.

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    As long as the tree has not started to bud out, you can still prune, otherwise leave it for this year and go after it this fall when it goes dormant again.

    If you have an overabundance of apples again this year, thin them before they begin to mature. better for the tree, better for the crop.
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    Pruning in the spring, generally in late Feb or March is the best time to prune. Prune off upward growing branches and leave lateral branches which are the branches that produce blossoms and fruit. You should remove about 75% or more of the fruit as soon as the blossoms drop depending on the set. If you don't thin enough your tree will go into alternate bearing. One year you will have a lot of apples the next you will have none or very few.

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