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    Default low voltage electrical systems installed in the late 50's

    Is anyone familiar with the above subject? My brother-in-law who lives in PA told me he is having problems with push button light switches that are broken along with problems with a wall receptacle that needs replacing. Wiring in these systems used low voltage wiring ie: 3 conductors, red, black, yellow. Are parts available for these old systems?

    I was surprised to hear of such a system. His appliances are run on regular AC lines.

    If not any options before running new lines?

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    Default Re: low voltage electrical systems installed in the late 50's

    i've heard about these low voltage relay driven systems that use special switches different relays and wiring GE and others made proprietary switches don't know if the relays and power supplies are interchangable or if parts can be found.

    found a topic string mabe it will help: http://advice.thisoldhouse.com/showt...hlight=voltage

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