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    Default Replacing Window with a Door

    We have built a deck and would like to replace an existing window that now looks onto the deck with a door.
    The window is about 30" wide and about 84" at its highest. I've been looking for 30"x84"(2'6"x7'0") doors and the selection is VERY limited.

    BUT we could have many more door designs to choose from if we could use a 32" door.

    It's hard to tell what the actual rough opening would be without ripping all the molding off now - before we begin the door installation.

    Is there a way to maintain structural strength and cut away an inch from the 2x4's around the rough opening?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Replacing Window with a Door

    If this were an old house, there would likely be weight pockets whose removal would net another 4"-5" of width.
    A 2-6 exterior door is not unknown, although 2-8 is more typical. It's a special order for anything other than a plain or half-glass steel (or f-glass) but in any case forget about a 7-0 unless you want custom-made.
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    Default Re: Replacing Window with a Door

    very true, the older windows were usually made of thicker jamb stock so the openings are a little bit wider and newer doors are thinner material, as for shaving an inch off the sides of the studs forget about it. your putting hte structure at risk.

    7' doors are custom order, im trimming a new vet clinic which is getting 7 foot interior doors in the public area, even with custom ordering ive been waiting 3 weeks for my last door.
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    Default Re: Replacing Window with a Door

    The best fix would be to widen the opening on one side or the other. As this is most likely a load bearing wall, the header must be replaced/extended, and support relocated.

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    Default Re: Replacing Window with a Door

    kcb has it right. you have to open it up and restructure the opening to accomodate a door. with what you're talking about doing, you would only have one 2x4 on each side of the door. the have to be double for structure and for the door support. i've encoundered many doors that had one 2x4 on each side and when you close or slam the door the whole wall moves. keep in mind that you're rough opening should be 2 1/2" wider and 2 1/2" taller than the door slab measurements

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