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    Default Is the 'Ask This Old House' crew biased towards radiators?

    On the 'Ask This Old House' show they makes it seem that *everybody* uses radiators to heat their homes - whenever they go to someones home to work on a heating problem, it always seems that it's radiator/steam/hot water/boiler system - this must be a regional thing, because in my area forced-hot-air is the only thing you'll ever encounter.

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    Default Re: Is the 'Ask This Old House' crew biased towards radiators?

    Considering that TOH is based in the northeast, where coal and boiler heating is common, it's no wonder you're seeing this bias. I'm a born and bred west coaster and can assure you that a boiler of any kind in these parts are few and far between. Where I grew up, the house was heated with an oil fired furnace which was replaced early on with a wood fired stove. The wood stove heated better and faster and could be used during the frequent power outages that the great northwest experiences during the winter season. Now that I live a bit southward, electric or gas fired forced air is the norm.
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