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I have 4 lights in the basement connected to one circuit. They are pull chains all on one wire. I want to control one side of lights (2 lights on left and 2 on right) with two seperate switches. One switch to control the right and one switch to control the left lights.

The diagram provided can achieve this correct? Or do I need to run wire from the receptacles to two different switches to control the right vs. left lights and therefore box up the original circuit running in the ceiling.
Thanks for the help.
It's common around here to find the power was fed to basement lights from a receptacle in an upstairs room --- typically would be at the end of those circuits. This would be evident by the cable suppling the power coming from above to the light fixture box.

Personally --- I usually route power from the service panel to the basement lights since the panel is usually located in the basement and reduces the draw on the circuit upstairs.

If you decide to go this route and is the way mentioned above --- you will need to disconnect the cable that feeds the lights from an upstairs circuit. Find the source receptacle and shut the power off.

Disconnect the conductors from both the source receptacle and the light fixture ---- twist the white and black together cap with a wire nut --- wrap electrical tape around them --- done this way at both ends of the cable.

Or --- cut the conductors that feed the basement lights flush inside the upstairs receptacle box --- cut the whole cable in the basement flush with the flooring above.

Since you have receptacles already in the basement it would be simple and easy to cable a supply from a receptacle to the switch --- a 14/2 from the switch to light 1 -- 14/2 from light 1 to light 2
Disconnect the cable from 2-3

The same applies to the other two lights.
Supply to the switch --- 14/2 from the switch to light 4 --- 14/2 between 3 & 4

I like to have the light circuit seperate from receptacles . This way if a device plugged into a recetacle trips the breaker it doesn't affect the lights ---- you're not roaming in the dark trying to get to the service panel.

This way will require a breaker to added to the service panel and a cable run.
It could be wired as Jack's diagram shows --- just make sure the first box is large enough to accomodate eight conductors.

The choice is yours.