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    Question Effective/Efficient Dual-sided Fireplace

    We turned our colonial house into an open space home. We had built in fireplace which we want to replace with a fireplace that has 2 sides. You can buy the incerts but what we are looking for is a more effective fireplace where the heat is all captured from the fire all the way up to the ceiling before leaving the room. We cannot really have a mason build one due to the lack of support structure underneath. We would like a nice stone looking 2sided open fireplace and somehow ventilations all the way up to the ceiling so the warmth doesn't just disappear to through chimney. We live on an 8 acres land outside of Boston with plenty of woods to feed this fire and want to take advantage of this. We already thought about a cast iron wooden stove but I like the open fire and not ready to give it up yet. We found some manufacturers in Europe with great ventilation but it would cost more than what we are willing to spend to ship it and we are concerned with passing the fireinspection code in the US. Can anyone point me to one?

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