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    Default Compression Flange

    My neighbor said he saw someone on "This Old House" installing a compression flange on a sewer pipe in a house. He wants to know where he can buy this compression flange and what is the cost of the item. We cannot find this item in our area. Sincerely yours, Thomas S. 11-16-08

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    Default Re: Compression Flange

    Would you be able to describe the situation this was being for?
    Perhaps you may be thinking of a a connection using a no hub or band or Fernco type connector.

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    Default Re: Compression Flange

    if you meant a compression fit replacement closet flange something like this (replaces either a cast-iron flange or a schedule 40 ABS or PVC DWV closet flange):


    there is also a twist and set version made to set in cast-iron soil pipe closet bend:


    oatey makes pvc and abs compression flanges to replace broken cast iron closet flanges. just about any plumbing supply has them you can also find them at both home depot and lowes if they aren't in stock they can order them for you. If you have ABS DWV then get the ABS version, if you have PVC get the PVC version. If you have Cast-Iron then you can use either the PVC or ABS version of either the first one or the twist and set versions. you can get them for under $20.

    if you meant a compression gaskets for hubbed cast iron tyler pipe makes TY-SEALs and EZ-SEALS depending on the size like 4" they are less than $10 each. you can find them at plumbing supply but they are tricky to install, pipe has to be within specification and you'll need a special lubricant and maybe even a special set of tools to install leak-free.

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