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    Default Crumbling stained-concrete walkway

    About 9-10 years ago we had a stamped-concrete walkway, designed to look like brick, done leading to our front steps. The "contractor" assured us it would look like that forever. Lo & behold, it's been "crumbling" since about year 2. The center of the walk is the worst. Since then, we've been told a # of things: one person told us they never use concrete in the NE area (where we live) due to frost heaves. I saw something about using a concrete resurfacer on the TOH website & am wondering if anyone's done this & how it worked. Any comments or suggestions are most welcome; thanks.

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    Default Re: Crumbling stained-concrete walkway

    It would be impossible to match the current stamped concrete with a patching cement. The only solution would be to replace the walk.

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