I have a 150 amp service that may be overloaded. I thought if you have 150 amp service the total amp ratings on the breakers shouldn't equal more then 150 on each bus. If you add the breakers up I have 240 on one side and 260 on the other. Should I add a sub panel or is the combined total of breakers not an issue just the actual load? 1500 sqft house I did a load calculation and came up with 131 amps. (elec Hot water, Range & 50 amp sub panel upstairs). We used a lot of breakers (and a lot of wire)because each room has its own breaker & each appliance has its own breaker, fridge, microwave, computer, washer/dryer & jacuzzi all on there own breaker. So i don't think I am overloading a 150 amp service but I wonder if the box isn't code because of 500 amps of breakers.