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    Question How do I prepare molding to be repainted after poor paint job?

    Hi -

    Just moved in to my first home which has charming molding around every door. This molding has many, many (many) paint layers to it - however the most recent (top layer) paint job was done poorly. You can see every brush stroke and there are bumps from dried paint that dripped. Stripping all the molding is not the avenue I want to take. What can I do to prepare the molding for another paint job? Will I want to sand the bumps out? If so, what grain paper? Also, kind of paint will I want to use (high- gloss? semi-gloss? matte?). Any advice is appreciated.

    Many Thanks!

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    Default Re: How do I prepare molding to be repainted after poor paint job?

    Personally I would use a heat gun and sc****r to remove the old paint, sand, prime and repaint. This is especially important when you don't know what kind of paint is on there.
    Use a high gloss paint, it is much easier to clean.
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