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    Unhappy Wood panel wall problem

    I have always wanted a wall that looked like old fashioned tin.
    We moved into a house with lovely paneled walls. I painted the bottome half an oyster color without priming and it looked great.
    My husband put up a chair rail that I painted the same color.
    I then put anaglypta wallpaper up on the top half of the paneled wall (real wooden paneling) and painted it a sage green. It looked great, I was thrilled. When winter came, the boards began to contract and the paper had large unrepairable cracks in over the seams in the paneling. It is ruined.
    I have investigated actual tin but it is out of our budget. I have looked at plastic "tin look" panels, but my husband is afraid the same thing will happen with temperature change. The possibility of Armstrong ceiling panels that resemble tin came up but when I contacted Armstrong they said don't use them on a wall, just ceilings.
    I am at my wits end. The kitchen is a mess. HELP! I still would love to have a tin look that wouldn't buckle or tear with the change of temperature.

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    Default Re: Wood panel wall problem

    Seasonal wood expansion and contraction is primarily across the grain with very little length wise. If you install thin strips of wood across the paneling and attach the faux tin panels to them you should have no problems if you first pre-drill the strips with holes a little larger than the shank of the headed nail or screw you use. Do not over tighten the screw or nail, fasten one end of the strip firmly.That way the paneling can expand and contract and the nail or screw has enough play to move with the paneling while the strips stay in place.
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