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    Red face removing wallpaper from old plaster walls

    Any suggestions for me on this wallpaper removing project in our bedroom?

    We have lived here 15 yrs - the wallpaper has probably been on these old plaster walls for 30 yrs.

    The first 2 layers of wall paper came off EASY. On the third and last layer of old wallapper, I have tried "everything": Water + fabric softener; DIF + paper tiger; Steamer; and now another wallpaper removal chemical called Fast. Still, this paper is only coming off in minute pieces, with a lot of very hard scraping which is damaging the plaster in the process. At this rate, I will still be taking this wallpaper off 6 months from now, and then having to do a lot of work on the plaster.

    My next (and last?) tactic may be to try the "wallpaper wizard's" recipe: 3 gals hot water, 22 ozs of wallpaper remover, 1/4 cup fabric softener, 1 cup white vinegar, 2 tbs baking soda, applied 3X, then covered with .7 mil plastic sheeting overnight.

    Any other suggestions? At what point do you cut your losses, and move on leaving whatever wallpaper you cannot get off?

    THX much for any suggestions / tips you have!

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    Default Re: removing wallpaper from old plaster walls

    I'm in the middle of the same thing. Conventional wisdom says it's very difficult to remove the final layer of wallpaper.
    I tried mudding over it, and it does work. My concern is how well it will hold in 20 years.
    I'm now leaning towards removing the plaster and drywalling.

    BTW, I've found that removing old plaster is easier if you keep your shopvac in one hand and your putty knife in the other. As you slip behind the plaster and pop it off, the shopvac dramatically lowers the dust factor. Certainly not your favorite task, but better than it could be.

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