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    Question Noisy pipes in bathroom when faucets run hot water.

    We just bought a 31 yr old house (4 months back) and recently finding out continuous clicking/hammering type of sound when we run hot water from two of our bathroom sinks. It seems like it comes from the wall as if someone is hammering it from inside...the rhythmic tukh tukh tukh.

    Recently I felt it, when the toilet was flushed, and occasionally when the shower was on, as well.

    Is this because of pipe expanding when the hot waters runs through it?

    What should we do to fix? Your help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Noisy pipes in bathroom when faucets run hot water.

    since four months ago it was only when hot water was run through and now in novemeber its any water use and seems from description when water is running through a fixture, I have a theory.

    my theory is that it might not have anything to do with supply pipe movement but that it might be related to your waste pipe plumbing - like PVC or ABC drain pipes.

    warmer months the changes just with hot water right away (pipes expanding making noise/moving) and now in the cooler months you're noticing noise with all water use, even toilet flushing. might be unsecured or unsupported somewhere or leaning up against framing and that's the knocking. check that out.

    it might also be a drip from a crack or compromise (like a nail) in your waste/vent pipe, more common to have both - a nail or screw piercing a DWV and the temperature change from use causing the tick tick tick you may or may not have a drip the nail might be keeping it from driping MUCH and the difference of the temperature of the DWV in its cavity versus the temperature of the flow within or the weight stress on the pipes when water is running through. most common i've come across when acquiring a new to us home has been a too-long trim nail on baseboard having pierced a DWV stack in a plumbing wall had come across this even on a new construction townhome that should have had nailng plates behind the drwall protecting from just that.

    that's the first thing i'd check. maybe put the tub stopper in and then run water rather than through the shower - same for the sink - see if you STILL get the ticking when the water is running. if not, un stop the tub or sink - hear ticking then?

    if not then i'd be checking the supply (clean water) piping for movement or leaks.

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    Default Re: Noisy pipes in bathroom when faucets run hot water.

    this issue was on TOH this last weekend, if you watch the show. the problem is that you need to open the valve all the way. When you open a 90 degree joint valve only partially it causes the rubber seal to thump.

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