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    Default Matching existing cabinetry

    I'm installing granite on my kitchen counters. The cabinet which houses the sink is not in great shape but all the others are fine. They are 50+ years old. Any suggestions to try to find a close matching piece.

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    Default Re: Matching existing cabinetry

    There are a few options that you may have. First if you can find out the company that originally made the cabinets (may be stamped on a label somewhere in the cabinets) and they are still in business they may be able to make you a new one.

    If that doesn't work you could have a local cabinet shop build you a carcass and they may be able to get the old face frame off the old cabinet to use it again. You could then just use your current doors and draws if there are any.

    If they can not get the face frame off to use again they would just have to match the species of wood on the face frame and stain it to match. If they don't have the ability to match the stain a good furniture re-finisher should be able to match it for you. If they are painted cabinets it is much easier.

    Other than that if you wanted to change the look of the cabinets you could have a new one made and then paint the rest of the cabinets to match or if you wanted a stained look you could have a cabinet refacer come in and do it for you. This would be a much more expensive option. Hope this helps you out.


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