...maybe a strange request, but I will try to explain as simply as possible. Back of house, we have the "Dog Door". Dogs go out the door, take 2 steps to the left and go down 3 wide steps to the ground. Typically, during the winter the snow piles up on the stairs quicker than we can keep it shoveled and so it gets packed down and turns to ice. We "adults" never use this door during the winter except to go ou and try to shovel the stairs. The problem is confounded by the fact that we just "Trex'ed'the deck and the only problem with that is that it is now harder to shovel on Trex without scratching it. We don't use the deck in the winter and the overhang over the door keeps that part clear. I don't have any railing on either side of the stairs... What I was thinking was some sort of lightweight tent material put up in a roof shape fashion over the stairs. Being non rigid it would be hard for the snow to build up and with some sort of "flap" over each end, the snow would not build up very fast...Any thoughts or ideas for this crazy idea greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bill