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    Question Water Guard System

    Has anyone had any experience with or knowledge of the "Water Guard" patented system for basements. It's a unique type of french drain and sump pump system. We are looking into doing something about our basement and contacted this company for an estimate. They are a global company and this specific type of system is only available through their dealers. After I called to have them come out, they sent a bunch of literature in advance of the appointment, such as company info, explaination of why basements get wet, references, newspaper articles discussing their product, and explainations as to why their product is better than the old-school exterior french drains, or even the interior types that are normally put in.

    I'm an ex-purchasing agent and like to do a thorough job of researching options, and don't believe everything I'm told. I must say that this company has impressed me so far, but I'd like to hear from knowledgeable people with objective views, too.

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    Default Re: Water Guard System

    unless you live on a lake or are very close to the water table, 9 times out of 10 the problem is in your grades. when i buy a "used" house the first thing i do is check the grades. twenty minutes with a transit will tell you everything you need to know. i disconnected my in ground drainage system and re graded the lawn, extended my downspout discharges to 3 feet. that solved all the problems the previous owners had. my basement is now dry. all of this was done for about $300.00

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