Anyone using a stepladder - either regularly or occassionally - should read an article that I came across recently, written by a national safety expert. In the article, he mentions the many mergency room visits each year and a how many are documented that are simply a result of not using the step ladder correctly! Many others are the result of leaning and stretching for items out of reach and thus the ladder tipping. Tangled and loose wires or extension cords are also a common reason for ladder-related injury. I found the article by googling Les Wise Safety Expert. In the article he also has suggestions to lower the chance for injury in the home or workplace and has reviewed and tested various safety products. He recommends a product (which I bought and use) that is quite handy. It actually is designed specifically for electricains and painters, but is something everyone sho owns a stepladder should have. It is called The Laddermaxx Safety Caddy and I have not found it in stores. I found it at their store - It isn't expensive and I really can't imagine ever using a stepladder wihtout using it also. Another recommendation was an item called LadderLok, which is geared toward roofers. It looked good intersting too, but I personally had no immediate use for it. The laddermaxx thing is great though. Check it out - it definatley lets you take all your tools up with you and never stabalizes the ladder too. It saved me plenty of trips up and down and comes with an attachment to keep multiple spools of wire seperated and untangled. Very cool idea. Don't forget the two xx's in laddermaxx or you'll find a totally different product. Hope this helps someone.